The Atlas Platform is the most indispensable tool for neurosurgical performance and intelligence.

Pursuit of Perfection,
Achieving Technical Excellence.

The Atlas Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is the only software of its kind ever developed to provide the optimal surgical approaches and dissection routes to every location in the brain using the most advanced algorithms beyond the capabilities of master surgeons.

This section of the Atlas Platform contains the most comprehensive library of surgical approaches reported in the literature or successfully attempted to date. Any tumor size or shape can be virtually created, and the Pathfinder will provide you with the worthwhile confidence about your decision the night before your operation. All the contents of the Neurosurgical Atlas are also catalogued here so you can access the videos for every step of your operation effectively.  

The Pathfinder algorithms which are continuously updated provide an unparalleled intelligence for your operative plan.

The Atlas Platform

Atlas Operating Room

This virtual or digital twin of the neurosurgical operating room provides:

  1. The optimal setup and patient positioning for every tumor location as specified by the Atlas Platform.
  2. The appropriate incision and craniotomy.
  3. Dynamic head positioning.
  4. The lesion is transferred from the Atlas Platform to the Atlas OR and visualized within the brain in the final head position.
  5. Fly-through visualization of the operative scene and trajectory are seamlessly available.

Novel 3D Models in Virtual Space

The 3D Models section of the Atlas is the only collection of its kind. The annotated models can be interactively viewed in 3D or viewed in virtual reality (VR) space. Achieve an unprecedented understanding of complex brain and skull base operative anatomy.

Operative Video Cases

Our vast collection of operative video cases provides concise roadmaps for execution of the most complex operations as demonstrated by Aaron Cohen-Gadol. The surgeon can rehearse and develop a proficient surgical strategy the night before the surgery for the optimal result.