About Atlas Meditech

The Atlas Platform is the most indispensable tool for neurosurgical planning and intelligence before an operation.

Along with its nonprofit flagship partner, the Neurosurgical Atlas, the Atlas platform is the only software of its kind ever developed to reliably advise the surgeon about optimal and safest surgical approaches, and dissection routes in 3D to every location in the brain using the most advanced algorithms beyond the capabilities of master surgeons. This platform also provides the surgeon with optimal operating room setup and environment for best outcomes. The high level of interactivity prepares the surgeon with the highest level of intelligence and confidence the night before their operations. 


Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD, MSc, MBA

Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD, MSc, MBA

See the full detailed dedicated page of Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol for more information.

Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD, MSc, MBA is the President and the founder of The Neurosurgical Atlas. He has extensive experience with surgeries of brain tumors, aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations and microvascular decompression surgery for hemifacial spasm and trigeminal neuralgia. The Atlas reflects the surgical experience of Dr. Cohen with more than 5,500 complex brain operations. 

His surgical philosophy focuses on efficient and minimally invasive surgery based on the fundamental principle that his true passion for technical excellence yields unparalleled surgical results. He has published over 510 publications on the aforementioned topics. He is recognized internationally for his expertise in complex intracranial surgery. 

For more information on Dr. Cohen, please see his CV in this PDF and Wikipedia. Please refer to this editorial in the Journal of Neurosurgery on the work related to the Atlas. 

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Jason Dorris

Jason Dorris

Jason Dorris is the Lead Software Engineer at Atlas Meditech, responsible for development of the Atlas Pathfinder and Atlas OR platforms.

Jason comes from a background of advanced computer graphics and software development, specializing in highly technical visualizations where accuracy is critical. He formerly served for 10 years as the Director of Forensic Animation, responsible for the production of Forensic Exhibits in hundreds of legal cases, as well as providing testimony as an Expert Witness.  During this time, Jason pioneered the use of custom 3D software development in the world of Forensic Animation, using the technology to bring clarity to very complex technical issues.

Jason is also an Academy Award winning 3D Visual Effects artist with decades of experience creating content for film and television, including his current position as Visual Effects Artist for the popular television show 'Saturday Night Live'.

Ryan Farmer

Ryan Farmer

Ryan Farmer is currently acting as Director of Media at Atlas Meditech. As creator of the team’s 3D pipeline, Ryan manages, as well as helps out with the creation of content for use in Atlas Pathfinder, Atlas OR, and the Neurosurgical Atlas.

Ryan has a background in many facets of digital creation ranging from music production and video compositing, to 3D motion capture/animation and the creation of real time interactive experiences. As an enthusiastic explorer of the “how” that lies behind the world of computer generated experiences, Ryan has become a “jack of all trades” who has garnered understanding of how these experiences are built.

Ryan has served 4 years as a medical and forensic project lead, creating technical animations for use in educational spaces. Throughout his freelance career, he has also developed modules for 3D interactive student education with a focus on molecular biology and has worked on a variety of short format content ranging from music videos to short films.