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Anterior Circulation Arterial Anatomy

Cerebral Anterior Circulation. This model provides a rendition of the 3D anterior circulation with bony, venous, and neural elements removed. 

The anterior arterial circulation is the distal distribution of blood flow through the carotid system. This relevant cerebrovascular anatomy includes segmental divisions of the internal carotid arteries (ICAs), middle cerebral arteries (MCAs), and anterior cerebral arteries (ACAs), and subsequent branching arteries with corresponding perfusion zones. Multiple perforator arteries emanating from the terminal ICAs, MCAs, and ACAs have a large perfusion zone along the basal nuclei and basal forebrain.

The segmental division of the major anterior circulation vessels provides important insight into the associated branches and pathologies that arise along these distributions. The ACAs and MCAs have been divided into segments (A1 to A5 and M1 to M4, respectively).