3D Models

The 3D Models section of Atlas Meditech is the only collection of its kind. The annotated models can be interactively viewed in 3D or viewed in virtual reality (VR) space. Please refer to the "How to use this model" link on each model. When you click on any structure within each model or tag, relevant 3D models will populate on the left.


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Welcome to the 3D-models section of Atlas Meditech!

How to use the 3D-models:

  1. Use the full-screen function for optimal visualization by clicking the crossed arrows on the left lower corner of the model. This will allow you to hide structures or change their transparency.
  2. To move the model in 3D space, use your mouse’s left button to click and drag.
  3. To enlarge the object, use the mouse’s wheel.
  4. The right click and drag function moves the model across the horizontal plane.
  5. To make anatomical labels visible, click on the “Select an annotation” link at the bottom of the window and “Show annotations.”
  6. Click on the to hide a structure and click on
    to decrease its opacity and see the underlying structures.